What People Are Saying

“I was inspired as I read this book! Roger Ross draws upon the keys to the eighteenth century Wesleyan revival to help us rediscover spiritual vitality today. This is a terrific read that my leadership team will be reading together.”

—Adam Hamilton, Senior Pastor, The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, KS

“I have been watching Roger’s ministry with interest for more than two decades. In this work Roger shares the spiritual core that leads and sustains vital, life-changing ministry.”

—Mike Slaughter, Lead Pastor, Ginghamsburg Church (UMC), Tipp City, OH

“A beautifully written book describing the part John Wesley’s principles played in helping to transform an old established church into a place where the impossible became possible.”

—Bill Easum, author, consultant and founder, 21st Century Strategies

“When it comes to knowing and reaching Goodpeople, Roger Ross writes from personal experience. In the last twenty years, he has shaped two churches by creating a ‘culture of evangelism’ that goes far beyond techniques. Using the teaching of John Wesley, Roger shares how pastors and church leaders can shape the culture of their church to reach those Goodpeople.”

—Jim Griffith, founder, Griffith Coaching

“Roger Ross is one of America’s great pastors. He understands the heart of the faith and the church. His love for people and passion for reaching out to those without a conscious connection with Christ pulses through Meet the Goodpeople. This new offering of the depths of John Wesley’s evangelistic method, grounded in prayer, deep faith, and relationships, will be helpful to Christians across the denominational landscape (that is, those without a conscious connection to Wesley!). Study it in groups—use it as a basis for connecting with new people. It will open your eyes. It will deepen your faith. It will help you move far beyond church walls.”

—Martha Grace Reese, author of Unbinding the Gospel

“Because it is filled with teaching narratives, delve into Roger Ross’s inner conversation with John Wesley and his passionate quest to make disciples of Jesus Christ among the vast harvest called the ‘unchurched.’ His seven practices are worthy of conversation, contemplation, and promulgation.”

—Jonathan D. Keaton, Bishop, Illinois Great Rivers Conference (UMC)

“Sharing real stories from his ministry, Roger Ross discusses prayer, going where the people are, speaking plainly, worship, doing life together, getting everyone involved, and going global—all from a Wesleyan perspective. The goal of the book is to show how Goodpeople become God’s people. Reading it would be helpful to pastors and laity alike!”

—Scott Jones, Bishop, Great Plains Conference (UMC)

“In Meet the Goodpeople, Roger Ross weaves a tapestry that helps us to see the ‘nones,’ love them, and embrace them as Jesus himself would. No gimmicks or quick fixes here but an intentionality to midwife people into a new life in Jesus Christ. Roger has lived this with every fiber of his being. Now he invites us to see, love, and relate to the neighbors all around us with a new heart and new eyes.”

—Gregory Vaughn Palmer, Bishop, West Ohio Conference (UMC)

One Comment on “What People Are Saying

  1. I found this book to be a great asset to the new christian and also a gentle reminder to the seasoned christian that there is more that we all can do.

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